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Petter Pets

Preferred Pet Service

A Premier Southern Utah

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking

& House Sitting Service

Professional Pet Sitters

& Dog Walkers Located

in Saint George, Utah

Phone: 435 862 8128

Serving St. George, Washington, Ivins, Kayenta, Winchester Hills and Sun River. Please call for other locations in Washington County and for referrals in Mesquite.

Bonded & Insured for

Your Peace of Mind

Local Rescue Groups

Get a Free Bark box

For all of those Petter Pet Parents, we have found an awesome deal for your dogs.

We can fully verify that those commercials about having treats and toys delivered to your home each month is a hit. Henry {pug and Parker the pug/pekingese absolutely loves what they get each month. They know when UPS delivers their boxes that they have something fun waiting for them. Click Here to get a free Bark Box- You won't be disappointed. Here is a video of our dogs opening their Bark Boxes. 

Clean and Simple Small Dog Grooming

Clean and Simple Small Dog Grooming is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Contact Information

Clean and Simple Small Dog Grooming

Phone: (435) 669-3698


Hours of Operation- Appointments Required

Mon-Fri: appointments as early as 8 am

Sat: appointments as early as 8 am

Sun: flexible, will book as needed


2575 Crestview Dr

Santa Clara, UT 84765

What is a Petter Pet?

A petter pet is a pet who knows their place in the family. That place would be where ever they want to be and being part of the family, not just an animal. Some of the wonderful things that set a Petter Pet apart from just an animal are listed below;

  • Hogs the bed and they don't know what it means to sleep outside in the cold.
  • They have their humans trained to do what they want them to do.
  • Has their own fan or other items to make them comfortable.
  • They may even wear the latest styles to make their own fashion statement.

The most important thing to remember about Petter Pets is that they are loved and cared for. They depend on their humans for everything. You don't have to spoil them rotten to love them. A Petter Pet is a Better Pet because of the unconditional love they give.

If you have a Petter Pet that you would like to have added to this page, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Pet Safety- Hot Cars

Most people love spending time outside during the summer and we like taking our four legged friends with us, but is it safe?

It can be downright dangerous and life threatening for pets. 

It doesn't take very long for a car to get warmer. When pets are left in cars it is never safe to do that. 

Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe. But when the weather gets warmer, it can be deadly. High temperatures can cause irreparable organ damage and even death. Protecting animals from an unnecessary death is a problem we can all agree to prevent.

Dangerous Foods for Pets

Some foods that are considered good for people can be very dangerous for pets. The list below highlights some of the most common foods that can be dangerous to animals.

This is not an exhaustive list, and any decision to provide your pet with food not specifically intended for animals should be discussed with your veterinarian or pet nutritionist. For more information on foods that could be unsafe for pets, visit the ASPCA's 

Common Household Dangers for Pets

Humane Society's Website   

Many common household items can pose a threat to our animal companions—even some items specifically meant for pets could cause health problems.

To protect your pet, simply use common sense and take the same precautions you would with a child

Although rodent poisons and insecticides are the most common sources of companion animal poisoning, the following list of less common, but potentially toxic, agents should be avoided if at all possible. Click here for the list of dangers

Vesting America's Police K-9's- So. Utah

We are Vesting America's Police K-9's, and we are based out of Washington County, Utah.

The purpose of our group is to raise money to buy bullet proof & stab resistant vests for Police K-9's in need throughout Utah, and other areas of the country.

The vests, manufactured by Bullet Blocker of Boston, MA, are the lightest on the market at only 2-1/2 pounds. They are military grade, made of Kevlar, and are rated level IIIa (can stop up to a .44 magnum point blank, and up to a 4" blade).

Our providers at TREAD Armament & Weaponry can get these vests for $800.

Our next dogs in line are from Iron County, Utah:

If you would like to donate you can donate through Gofundme or you can share this fundraiser with friends and family. 


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